• Slovenian government swiftly adopts a range of measures to help businesses affected by the current health crisis

    On Thursday the Slovenian parliament passed a set of laws aimed at reducing the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. Measures include financial compensation for temporary lay-offs and deferrals of loan repayments and tax duties for companies.

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  • Ladies still only close second

    Slovenia is among the countries with the highest share of women in managerial positions. According to data published on March 8th, 44 percent of the managerial positions in Slovenia are held by women. Only four other EU members have a higher percentage, while in the entire EU just over one third of managers are women.

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  • Slovenia has a new government

    Slovenia has a new center-right government as of March the 13th, which comes after the resignation of previous prime minister Marjan Šarec in January.

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  • National business excellence awards goes to metrology company

    The latest winner of the national business excellence award is Lotrič Metrology, a mid-size company from Železniki, a village in the mountains of western Slovenia. The company also received a five-star certificate of excellence from the European Foundation for Quality Measurement (EFQM).

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  • Economy slowed down

    Slovenia’s economy has slowed down in the last quarter of 2019 due to growing uncertainty in the international community.

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  • MIPIM postponed

    This year's MIPIM has been postponed and will take place between 2-5 June 2020.

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  • It’s MIPIM time again!

    SPIRIT Slovenia, together with Ljubljana municipality, will be taking part again at the world’s biggest real estate trade show – MIPIM.

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  • Time to announce the winners of FDI Award Slovenia 2019

    SPIRIT Slovenia public agency has again this year awarded the best foreign investors, who have produced exceptional results in the past year and contributed to the development of the Slovenian economy.

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  • Slovenia’s hypergrowth companies

    Less than 4.5 percent of Slovenian companies meet the criteria for fast-growing companies. Yet these companies have a huge impact on the national economy. They are included on lists published by international media companies like Inc. Magazine and the Financial Times, while the best hypergrowth companies receive the national Gazelle award.

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  • Slovenia best for R&D investments

    According to an annual survey among German investors in central and Eastern Europe, Slovenia is the most attractive location for research and development investments in the region. Overall, German investors place Slovenia as the fifth most attractive country in Central and Eastern Europe.

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