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Value Added in Slovenia

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Value Added in Slovenia



Structure of gross value added, 2013 (as a % of total economy), international comparison

Source: Eurostat, 2016

The global financial crisis has contributed to a significant slowdown of value added growth in manufacturing, retail trade and construction. Despite the sizeable decline in 2009, value added is increasing since then, but at a relatively slow pace.


The moderate growth of value added will also continue in 2016 and 2017. The main engine of growth will remain export-oriented manufacturing activities, but with a further increase in the export of services (particularly transport, travel and knowledge-intensive services) and a gradual strengthening of domestic private consumption, a significant contribution to value added growth will continue to be made by non-financial services.


Value added by activities; real growth rates in % (2017 forecast)

Source: IMAD - Autumn forecast of economic trends 2015

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