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Investment opportunities

There has never been a better time to land your investment in Slovenia

For investors seeking to buy into state-owned enterprises, timing is perfect as the government is preparing to dispose of its stakes under the sovereign holding law. The process of selling assets will be transparent and investors will have only one entity to talk to.


Distressed Securities

Favorable macroeconomic environment in Slovenia makes distressed projects and claims increasingly compelling opportunity to deploy capital with high return. Slovenian 1.3 billion portfolio is well diversified across issuers, industries, type of exposure and maturity.

Distressed Securities


Invest in portfolio of Distressed Securities

HETA Asset Resolution d.o.o. in Slovenia is part of HETA Group a wind-down corporation owned by the Republic of Austria. Its statutory task is to dispose of the non-performing and nonstrategic portion of Hypo Alpe Adria, nationalized in 2009, as effectively as possible whilst preserving value.

In process of asset disposition HETA is presenting the opportunity to invest in distressed securities portfolio. The 1.3 billion EUR portfolio is well diversified across issuerstype of exposurematurity and industries. 



(in EUR thousand)
Agriculture economy and forest management              3,619
Chemistry, oil and plastic processing7,534
Construction industry237,093
Food and allied business32,433
Free lancers & professional services46,753
Manufacture of household and sanitary goods4,984
Metal industry and mechanical engineering60,145
Other business sectors1,845
Other financial services76,927
Public entities59,140
Real estate business211,839
Retail and wholesale trade161,311
Textile and clothing industry4,465
Transport and Logistics71,811
Wood and paper processing13,622


Contact point

HETA Asset Resolution d.o.o.

Dunajska 167, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


HETA's experts are available to provide with further information:

Mr. Janez Klančar 

T: +386 1 580 44 85 

E: janez.klancarping@harpong.si 


Mr. Siniša Nišavić

T: +386 1 580 46 40

E: sinisa.nisavicping@harpong.si

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