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Investment opportunities

There has never been a better time to land your investment in Slovenia

For investors seeking to buy into state-owned enterprises, timing is perfect as the government is preparing to dispose of its stakes under the sovereign holding law. The process of selling assets will be transparent and investors will have only one entity to talk to.


Boštanj Holiday Centre

Radensko karst filed

The Boštanj holiday centre are situated in a peaceful natural setting beneath the Boštanj Castle, only 22 km from Ljubljana. Various meetings, weddings, events can be organised there and people enjoy their time there. In the surrounding area there is a beautiful pond for sport fishing. Hikers can explore the wonderful world of the Radensko Karst Field, which extends over more than 4 km² at an elevation of 325 m, and is the smallest of the nine most prominent karst fields in Slovenia.

Investment Project

On the site, there are 14 double suites, a restaurant, a bar, a shop, several apartments, two rooms for private parties and events, a larger roofed outdoor space for private parties and events, as well as 500 m² of storage area. Additional 32 beds are foreseen. We also have enough space to build car parks for camper vans. Considering that after stressful work people should focus on their own well-being, our project also includes a wellness centre.

Advantages of the Investment

A quiet part of Slovenia, just a stone's throw away from Ljubljana, attracts hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists and of course tourists who would like to get to know the beautiful karst terrain. In the vicinity, there are karst caves and intermittent lakes. Good bus and train connections are available nearby. With a good infrastructure, excellent local cuisine and in cooperation with local food producers we can satisfy even the most demanding guest.

Project Funding

To complete the project, we would need approximately 1.8 million €.

By increasing the number of beds and constructing a wellness centre the catering service that has recently been rapidly growing would expand as well.

Contact point:
Tel: +38631463816
e-mail: stacuna@gmail.com

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