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Slovenian Real Estate Market: Best Time to Buy?

Slovenian Real Estate Market: Best Time to Buy?

Slovenia's real estate continues to be an unexplored opportunity for savvy investors – especially as the prices may have reached an all-time low. Public agency SPIRIT tries to raise interest to these opportunities on major European real estate shows. In Moscow, the Slovenian presentation focused mostly on tourism real estate and included five projects.


Slovenia’s real estate market was booming in the first decade of the new millennium and the boom inflated the prices. As the economic crisis hit global markets in 2008 the market shrunk and the prices plummeted. The banking crisis in Slovenia brought the prices even further down: an average square meter of residential property is now more than 10 percent less than in 2010. The number of property transactions dropped by 29 percent in 2013 alone. The analysts expected that the Slovenian economy would further contract this year, having a negative effect on the property market. However, in 2014 the economy begins to show slow yet sure signs of recovery. It seems that the prices may well have hit bottom as they begin to stabilize in early months of 2014.

So it may be the right moment to invest. The Slovenian property market remains more or less unknown on the global scale. According to Slovenia’s Tax Administration (DURS) only around 4.500 units were sold to foreign buyers since 2004. Interestingly enough the largest number of buyers come from the UK (29 percent), followed by neighboring Italians (28 percent).  Large investors or international area developers still haven’t discovered the opportunities provided by the property market in a picturesque Alpine republic with an excellent geographic position.

Public agency SPIRIT is trying to raise the interest in Slovenia’s property market by systematical presence on major European real estate events. This year the agency is organizing presentations in Cannes, Moscow, Milan, Münich and Stockholm. In April it presented five real estate projects on Russia’s main real estate show, Domexpo in Moscow. The presentation focused mainly on real estate in tourism. Gaja Apartments is a villa with holiday apartments in the center of major Slovenian tourist resort Bled. The starting price of the villa is set at 2.5 million euros. Another tourist facility for sale is the Grand Slam hotel in Rogaška Slatina, one of Slovenian’s oldest and most prominent spa resorts. The third presented project was the Lent restaurant located in the oldest part of Maribor, second largest city in Slovenia. The part of town where the restaurant is located is near the venue of the Lent Festival, which attracts around half a million visitors every summer.

Dvorec Jelen is a new business and residential complex in the center of Kranj, a town situated just between Ljubljana and the Alps: the vicinity of Ljubljana’s international airport comes as a bonus to the buyer, interested in the fourth project, presented in Moscow. The same goes for the fifth project: one of the main advantages of Komenda’s business zone is its position close to Ljubljana’s airport Brnik and the capital itself.

The Slovenian presentation attracted substantial interest among the visitors of the Moscow property show – according to the pool 80 percent of the visitors intend to buy real estate within 48 months. The organizers awarded SPIRIT agency for the excellence of the presentation and for its professionalism.

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