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Gorenje group ends 2017 with more revenue, less profit

Velenje, 12 January (STA) - Gorenje Group ended 2017 with EUR 1.307bn in revenue, up 3.7% from 2016, with net profit dropping to EUR 1.2m from EUR 8.4m the year before, the Velenje-based maker of home appliances said on Friday.

Revenue growth was fuelled mostly by sales in Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the Middle East, US, Asia and Australia.

"The company has reached its plans in terms of revenue despite a difficult situation on the markets in the second half of the year, and has made profit for the ninth consecutive quarter," CEO Franjo Bobinac said in a press release.

The profit was lower than planned because of a big rise in prices of raw materials: the purchasing price of plastics rose by 25% and that of steel plates by 10%, he said.

The group also released its business plan for 2018, envisaging EUR 8.1m in profit and EUR 1.33bn in sales revenue.

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