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Value-Added Tax

There are two tax rates of VAT applied in Slovenia:

  • 9.5% reduced rate for food, water, medicines, books etc. and
  • 22%, as the general rate.

Customs collect VAT on imports into the country, together, and in a similar way as the other import duties. Registered users of the VAT system can deduct the amount paid as the incoming VAT in their tax statement for the accounting period.

Learn more about Value-Added Tax (VAT).

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Customs regulations

When importing and exporting goods from and to third countries customs regulations of the EU are applied. Read the following document for detailed information regarding Excise and Customs Duties.

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Autonomous Tariff Suspensions and Quotas

Did You know?

  • The Commission, with the assistance of Member States' experts, is operating a duty suspension scheme which is open to all operators in the European Union (EU).
  • The scheme allows for the importation of raw materials, semi-finished goods or components with total or partial suspension of the payment of the customs duty.

The guiding principles for suspensions can be summarised as follows:

  • Suspensions are granted to i) raw materials, ii) semi-finished products, iii) component, but not to finished products;
  • Suspensions are granted for goods which are not produced or produced in insufficient quantities within the EU;
  • Suspension requests are considered only for goods for which the uncollected customs duty is estimated to be more than € 15 000/year;
  • Suspensions are not granted when other provisions exist to serve Union producers (inward processing, preferential arrangements, etc.);
  • Goods imported under the scheme enjoy freedom of movement throughout the Union and are open to all EU operators;
  • The suspensions are of temporary nature and are reviewed regularly.

How is this operated?

Twice a year, the Commission receives applications for duty suspensions or quotas which it examines with the assistance of the Economic Tariff Questions Group (a group of experts from the national administrations of the Member States).

Following this examination, the Commission makes a proposal to the Council with the products for which a suspension of the customs duty is envisaged. The Council thereafter adopts the proposal by a Regulation which is published in the Official Journal of the European Union, normally in June and December every year.

Where could I have access to the existing list of products under tariff suspensions?

There is the following dedicated site in Europa with the suspensions in force.

The list of the suspended products can be found in the consolidated version of Regulation (EU) No 1344/2011 (OJ 349, 31.12.2011, p.1) which can be consulted in EUR-Lex.

Finally, when interrogating the TARIC database the suspended products appear with their full description within the CN code/TARIC code structure.

Is my business concerned?

  • If you are interested by a product already covered by the suspension scheme, you should simply ask for the benefit of the tariff suspension at the time of import, on the customs declaration itself.
  • If the product is not on the list but you consider that it might meet the requirements detailed above, you can submit an application via the national administrations.

Whom to contact?

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