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A cutting edge of Slovenian workforce is command of foreign languages. International studies rank Slovenians at the European top. 92% of population can communicate in at least one world language and 67% of Slovenians speak well enough in order to be able to have a conversation in 2 foreign languages. English is the most popular foreign language in Slovenia followed by German, Italian, Croatian and/or Serbian, French and Spanish language. Schools in Slovenia are obliged to offer at least two foreign languages: the first as a compulsory subject and the second as a core curriculum option.

Knowledge of major European languages

% who can conduct conversation in the particular language

Source: European Commission, Europeans and their languages, 2012

Language skills meeting the needs of enterprises, 2015 

(on a scale 0-10; 0: language skills are not meeting ..., 10:...are meeting the needs of enterprises)

Source: IMD - World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2015

English proficiency, 2014

TOEFL scores

Source: IMD - World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2015

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