Establishing a Company

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Establishing a limited liability company or a branch office is the most common practice of foreign companies establishing their business in Slovenia.

Learn about different types of companies:

The documents have been prepared by the Centre for International Cooperation and Development.

Company registration procedure

Before starting a procedure, you must obtain a Slovenian Tax number. Here you may learn how can foreign persons obtain a Slovenian tax number ...

Attached document explains step-by-step company registration procedure: Steps in establishing a limited liability company (the document has been prepared by the Centre for International Cooperation and Development).

The formation of a limited liability company (LLC) may be implemented at the VEM contact point if it is a matter of a simple limited liability company. Professional assistance in registering a company is offered free of charge.  

Some services can be done by entrepreneurs or companies on their own online while in some other cases the VEM office or a Notary’s Office need to be visited. Through the e-VEM portal companies or entrepreneurs may carry out electronic services, which are linked to the formation of a company and some other procedures that are carried out by a business entity upon or after its formation.

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