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Slovenia – Nearshoring Hub in Central & Eastern Europe

Exclusive Roundtable for Site Selectors and Associates (virtual)


Attention North American Site Selectors and Associates: you are welcome to attend a complimentary executive roundtable being hosted by SPIRIT Slovenia. Join this online event and engage in an interactive discussion with a panel of experts from the Economic Development Agency of Slovenia.


Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
Virtual Roundtable


As nearshoring is on the rise post COVID-19, production and R&D has to get closer to main markets to serve customers more efficiently and safely. Slovenia holds this advantage and more for US companies looking to internationalize including, high-skilled labor and trusted expertise in key sectors such as; Metalworking, Manufacturing, IT & Business Services, Electronics & Telecommunications, eMobility/Automotive and Pharma - all at a highly efficient cost level & benefits.

Perfectly situated - The CEE country of Slovenia is directly attached to the economic powerhouse of Europe - the region of Southern Germany, Switzerland, and Northern Italy. Thus, growing numbers of US companies are using Slovenia as their Manufacturing & R&D Hub for the European market.

Key learnings from this exclusive event will include:

We look forward to your participation!

For more information please contact Lynda Arsenault, or call +1 902 499 1840

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SLOVENIA's Advantages

Excellent geostrategic position with easy access to markets

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Port of Koper

The importance of being Green. Creative. Smart.


While still far from a global giant, Slovenia has a long tradition of combining experience and knowledge with innovation, creative thinking, and care for the environment. That is why, under the banner of Green. Creative. Smart., Slovenia is emerging as a pioneer in innovation and creativity – two key factors behind Slovenia’s impressive economic development and success.


By being Green, Slovenia develops technical innovations that prioritise taking responsibility for future generations. That is why, despite its size, Slovenia has doubled investment in sustainable development, becoming the 5th EU country in the field of eco-innovations. What's more, Slovenia’s socially responsible economy is among the best in the world in terms of environmental health and ecosystem vitality. Using Port of Koper, the leading cargo port in the Northern Adriatic, lowers carbon footprint emissions and provides the shortest and quickest way from Far East to CEE countries.


By being Creative, Slovenia has a talent for creating value, recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity as a tool for solving the most pressing issues facing the world today. That’s why Slovenia is a leading Central European country in patent registration. And the 30th most innovative country globally. And why Slovenian companies’ R&D investment ranks high above EU-28 average, resulting in technologically advanced products and solutions best suited to the needs of the future.


By being Smart, Slovenia ensures its solutions are globally competitive. That is why Slovenia is the leading country in cross-border trade worldwide. It's also why sustainable and innovative Slovenian automotive components are integrated into basically every European vehicle. And why Slovenia was placed 5th by OECD for smart products delivered daily by the Slovenian digital and robot-intensive economy.

Presence in the USA

Supported by AHP International, SPIRIT Slovenia is embarking on an exciting campaign to the USA in 2021/2022 with several in-person business trips as well as virtual events and investor meetings. We look forward to meeting in-person and virtually and to share Slovenia’s strong value proposition while discussing ways we can support your business expansion plans in Europe.


Contact us directly to learn first-hand why Slovenia is a true hidden champion in the heart of Europe!

SPIRIT Slovenia Team

Vid Habjan

Head of FDI Promotion Department
T: +386 1 5891 889
M: +386 51 616 037

Zoran Stamatovski, Ph.D.

T: +386 1 5891 806

Rok Vodopivec

Project Manager
T: +386 590 89 502

AHP International

Stefan Peikert

Senior Executive Business Development North America
T: +1 215 315 0091


Lynda Arsenault

Director Business Development North America
+1 902 499 1840


About SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency

The mission of the public agency is to safeguard the competitiveness and the promotion of the Slovenian economy. In cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and other business stakeholders, SPIRIT Slovenia offers Slovenian companies effective and integrated support for the development and promotion in Slovenia as well as in the global competitive market. Furthermore, it fulfills its mission by integrating knowledge and competencies in all key areas of the economy, with the aim to increase added value, create quality posts and long-term competitiveness.

One of the priorities of the public agency is to attract foreign direct investors, mainly those related to the activities that generate higher added value, into our country. SPIRIT Slovenia supports the existing foreign investors in their future growth and development in the Slovenian business environment. The public agency has developed an innovative Business Development of Companies with Foreign Capital programme for outstanding companies, based on entrepreneurial approach.