Die Schaffung einer attraktiven und stimulierenden Investitionsumgebung ist eine Herausforderung für Sloweniens wirtschaftliche Entwicklung. 

Fördermittel sind ein gemeinsames Merkmal von EU-Mitgliedsstaaten. Neben dem Rechtsrahmen und einer stabilen makroökonomischen Umgebung stellen Fördermittel immer schon ein Instrument der Regionalpolitik dar. Für ausländische Investoren wurde ein Anreizsystem entwickelt, mit Ziel, Sloweniens wirtschaftliche Entwicklung anzukurbeln. 

Gefördert werden Investitionsvorhaben, die zur Schaffung von neuen Arbeitsplätzen, zum Transfer von neuen Technologien und Know-how und zu Outsourcing opportunities führen, sowie zu Kooperationen zwischen lokalen und ausländischen Unternehmen. 

Diese Instrumente der proaktiven Investitionspolitik der Regierung sind auch für ausländische Investoren konzipiert, die bereits in Slowenien tätig sind, damit diese ihre Kapazitäten ausweiten oder aufwerten. Sloweniens Erfolgsbilanz zeigt eindeutig, dass ausländische Investoren in Slowenien bleiben wollen und jede sich bietende Gelegenheit ergreifen, um in Slowenien zu expandieren.

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Fiscal incentives

Corporate Tax

General corporate tax rate has been set at 19% of taxable base.

Corporate income tax by country, 2017

Source: OECD, 2018

Tax Reliefs for Investment 

Corporate income tax base can be reduced by:

  • either 40% of the amount invested in plant and equipment and/or intangible assets 

A taxpayer may carry forward the unused portions of allowance over the next five tax years after the investment, but not exceeding the tax base.


  • or 100% of the amount invested in R&D (only up to the taxable base) 

A taxpayer may reduce the tax base in some cases: see Corporate Income Tax.

Loss Carried Forward

A taxpayer may carry forward the loss incurred in one accounting period by reducing the tax base but only up to the amount of the tax base for the fiscal period.

Depreciation Allowances

The depreciation allowance on buildings and equipment is quite favourable. Depreciation and amortization may not exceed the level arrived at using straight-line depreciation.

Read about maximum annual depreciation rates. 

Financial Incentives

Regional aid map 2015-2020

The amount of financial incentives:

1.   In the area “a” of regional aid map is not more than:

  • 25 % of the eligible costs for large enterprises,
  • 35 % of the eligible costs for medium-sized enterprises, and
  • 45 % of the eligible costs for small-sized enterprises.

2.    In the area “c” of regional aid map the amount of financial incentives is not more than:

  • 10 % of the eligible costs for large enterprises,
  • 20 % of the eligible costs for medium-sized enterprises,
  • 30 % of the eligible costs for small-sized enterprises.

List of current tenders for companies (registered in Slovenia)

Only open tenders (still have open date for submitting the projects) are listed. Invest Slovenia Team updates the list once a month. 

List of Current Tenders for Companies

Employment Incentives

The Employment Service of Slovenia carries out a series of measures for encouraging employment through which it advises and finally supports employers that employ new workers.

Employers who intend to hire unemployed persons may apply for free training and retraining provided by local employment offices throughout Slovenia.

Other incentives

Regional development support programs for disadvantaged regions

What started as a financial crisis has turned into a manufacturing recession in some parts of the country and even as banks and the housing market are stabilizing, unemployment figures show how hard the manufacturing centers have been hit.

As company restructuring continues, the government has assigned a special status to four administrative regions where unemployment has hit hardest, so that they may benefit from the temporary development support measures. The idea is to equip viable enterprises with the necessary skills to get a foothold in international markets. Exports have been a leader out of the economic crises also in the past and by participating in global value chains, enterprises from these parts of the country will be able to build on their resources and knowledge and experience of their people.

Overview of development measures

 2016 - 2018
Corporation tax relief 70% of the invested amount for new start-up investments in plant and equipment, and in intangible assets
Corporation tax relief for employment a tax base reduced by up to 70% of expense for a disadvantaged* employee (for at least 12 months employment)
Refund of social security contributions paid by the employer 16.1% of the gross wage of previous unemployed person

* Volnerable target group: long-term unemployment, unemployed without vocational education, the elderly, disabled, first time job seekers.


Local Incentives

Municipalities may offer different forms of incentives, which are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. These incentives may include easy access to industrial sites, utility connections and holidays from local taxes.


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