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The internet is well developed in terms of high internet penetration, household internet access penetration, number of ISPs and number of hosts per inhabitant. Internet access costs are not high and flat rate internet access is available for residential users. 

Information society overview, Slovenia 2015 

Share of households owning a computer (desktop, portable, tablet or handheld computer)           78%  
Share of individuals using the Internet regularly           73%  
Share of e-buyers      39% 
Share of companies having a profile on social media                   41%
Share of companies using cloud computing services         17%

 Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2016

At the end of 2015 there were almost 600,000 broadband internet connections. Most of them were xDSL connections, but in recent years their number has been declining. At the same time the number of optical fiber access and cable modem connections is rising.

Type of Internet connection (end of  2015)

Source: SORS, 2016

Telekom Slovenia is having the highest market share of fixed broadband Internet connections (nearly 35%) , followed by Telemach (nearly 20%)  and T-2 (nearly 19%).

Comparison of key information society indicators, 2015 

    Households with   
   Internet access   
   Enterprises with   
   Internet access   
EU-28                            83% 97%
Bulgaria 59% 91%
Croatia 77% 90%
Czech Rep. 79% 98%
Hungary 76% 90%
Poland 76% 93%
Romania 68% 88%
Slovenia 78% 99%
Slovak Rep. 79% 97%

 Source: Eurostat, 2016


The public administration – under which we include all government institutions, ministries, administrative units, municipalities, universities, libraries, etc. – is spreading the offer of its services on the websites, from offering basic information to the conclusion of entire service via the Internet.

There were 53% users of e-government services in Slovenia in 2014.

Fixed telecommunications services

Fixed telecommunications services

National and international outgoing traffic from the fixed network decreased over last decade. The same situation has been recorded with number of classical telephone connections, while the number of IP telephony connections is constantly increasing.

Telekom Slovenije is the largest provider of IP telephony services in Slovenia (approx. 27% market share), however there are other important players on the market of IP telephony, such as T-2 (24%), Amis (20%) and Telemach (15%).

The price level of its services does not significantly differ from that of EU countries. The prices of national calls are low compared to the EU average and due to the existence of competition prices of international calls are very low as well.

Prices of telecommunication in EUR

Source: IMD - World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2015

Mobile telecommunications services

Mobile services in Slovenia are very well developed. Currently there are 6 competing mobile network operators:

  • Telekom Slovenije (approx. 47% market share)
  • Si.mobil (approx. 30% market share)
  • Telemach mobil (approx. 13% market share)
  • Telemach 
  • Izi mobil 
  • T-2  

The NGA - Next Generation Access (FTTP, VDSL, Docsis 3.0 cable) covererage in Slovenia (nearly 80%) is one of the highest among the new EU members. The coverage in rural areas is also very high, namely 60% of the territory.

End of 2015 there were 2,350,000 mobile subscribers, which is more than 10% of the total population. Among them 80% private users and 20% business users. 

Data services and traffic in telephony, 2015

Source: SORS, 2016

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