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Citizens of EU member states (old and new) and EEA (Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) and Switzerland are equal in job-seeking and getting employment with the Slovenian workers, meaning they do not need a permit for work

Also family members of those workers can get employment or become self-employed without a permit for work. This right is justified on the basis of their residence permit issued for the purpose of family reunification.

A permit for work is not necessary also for some other categories of foreigners. 

Additional information linked with labour market, employment search and employment programmes are available at the Employment Service of Slovenia website.

The rights and obligations arising from employment relationship in Slovenia are governed by the Employment Relationship Act and, in certain areas, by collective agreements which allow for a more favourable regulation of particular issues. Employment relationship are specifically regulated by employment contracts.

Employment contracts must be concluded in written form. Foreign citizens may conclude a contract if they fulfil the conditions of the Employment of Aliens Act. More ...

An employment contract must contain those elements laid down by law. The employee and employer may agree on other additional rights and obligations. The obligations of the employee include conscientious performance of work, compliance with the employer's instructions, a ban on dangerous conduct, the protection of business secrets and a ban on working for competing companies during the employment relationship. The obligations of the employer include the obligation to provide work, remuneration and safe working conditions, and to safeguard the employee's integrity and personal data, etc.

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