Financial Market

Insurance Market

The attributes often associated with Slovenia’s insurance market are underpenetrated and underdeveloped even though the current number of insurance companies in Slovenia is 13. There are also 2 reinsurers and 3 pension companies. In addition, there are around 700 insurance undertakings head offices in other Member States that directly provide insurance services in the Republic of Slovenia under freedom to provide services. There are also 6 insurers with branches in Slovenia under right of establishment of a branch in another Member State.

Other entities supervised by the Insurance Supervision Agency:

Insurance Supervision Agency supervises insurance undertakings, insurance agencies and insurance brokerage companies, and insurance agents and brokers. In addition, the Agency supervises legal persons related to an insurance undertaking, if necessary for the purpose of supervising the insurance undertaking's operation, as well as additional control of the insurance undertaking within an insurance group, insurance holding company and joint-venture insurance holding company. Since 2000, the Agency issues authorisations not only to insurance undertakings but also to pension companies and supervises their operations.

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