Establishing a Company

Establishing a limited liability company or a branch office is the most common practice of foreign companies establishing their business in Slovenia.

Learn about different types of companies:

The documents have been prepared by the Centre for International Cooperation and Development.

Company registration procedure

Before starting a procedure, you must obtain a Slovenian Tax number. Here you may learn how can foreign persons obtain a Slovenian tax number ...

Attached document explains step-by-step company registration procedure: Steps in establishing a limited liability company (the document has been prepared by the Centre for International Cooperation and Development).

Limited liability company with one or more founders can be registered at any of 150 Slovenian Business Point (SPOT) one-stop shops across Slovenia. Professional assistance in registering a company is offered free of charge.  

Some services can be done by entrepreneurs or companies on their own online while in some other cases the VEM office or a Notary’s Office need to be visited. Through the SPOT portal companies or entrepreneurs may carry out electronic services, which are linked to the formation of a company and some other procedures that are carried out by a business entity upon or after its formation.

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