Quality link to regional markets

Quality link to regional markets

Investors wishing to build a customer network in Europe’s east and southeast by leveraging Slovenia as a gateway to the regional markets can benefit from expanding their business through Slovenia with its supportive environment with pro-business infrastructure and technically-savvy workforce.

Slovenian export by country in 2015

Market                                                  EUR million                 Market                                                   EUR million
EU-2818,394                 SEE1,679
Germany4,948                 Serbia742
Italy 2,691                 Bosnia & Herzegovina611
Austria2,024                 Macedonia162
Croatia1,864                 Other countries3,867
France1,182                 Russian Federation992
Poland816                 USA692
Hungary695                 Switzerland401
Czech Rep.557                 Turkey259

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2016

Ideally situated to serve Europe’s west and east, north and south, Slovenia does not only have excellent communication and transport infrastructure, high-quality services and the functioning public administration and the financial system, but has people with long business and personal links in the Western Balkans. It is the right place to forge partnerships for conquests of emerging markets and developing markets with rising internal demand. Goods are moved quickly and reliable, clearance procedures are efficient and once goods enter Slovenia via road, rail, air or see, they are at the doorstep of the EU market with 500 million consumers and many more in Europe’s east and southeast.

Strategic partnerships between foreign investors and Slovenian companies with a strong foothold in central and east Europe would serve to boost productivity in target countries by implementing policies to spur innovation in order to move up the value chain. Process and organisational innovation, including non‐technological innovation, enhancing knowledge‐intensive skills (in engineering, design, marketing, information technology and R&D) and increasing associated investments (including advanced machinery, software and databases, branding, firm‐specific human capital and organisational capital) would benefit all stakeholders.

FDI of Slovenia abroad

Outward FDI stock as of end-2015 EUR 5.5 billion

FDI of Slovenia abroad
Source: Bank of Slovenia, 2016

Slovenia - The Regional Hub for SEE Tromostovje ("The Three Bridges") in Ljubljana

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