Tomato producer's revenue topped EUR 6m in 2016

Murska Sobota, 17 April (STA) - Paradajz, a producer of vegetables, best known for its Lušt brand of tomatoes, continues to post positive results. Last year, its tomato production topped 3,500 tonnes, which increased annual revenue by half a million euros to over EUR 6m.

The company, based in Renkovci in the north-east, attributes this to the 2016 vegetable season being somewhat longer than the year before.

The profit of EUR 600,000 was almost level with that of 2014 after it dropped to EUR 400,000 in 2015.

The biggest tomato producer in the country generated most of its revenue in Slovenia and exported only EUR 4,000 worth of tomatoes. The company was founded with the goal of increasing the domestic production of tomatoes, Kristjan Magdič of Parazdajz told the STA.

He said they were cooperating well with virtually all retailers in the country.

The only problematic area seem to be water concessions. Despite the government's decision that any unused geothermal water will be available for agriculture, the company has not gotten the amount of water it had requested.

After utility Komunala Murska Sobota gave up its rights to the hot thermal water because of new concessions, Paradajz asked for 500,000 cubic metres of water, but only got 236,000.

The requested water qualities are "crucial for our survival and development", the company said, adding that this had also prevented their expansion to pepper production, which would create more jobs.

Last year, the company increased its headcount by one to 58.